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Over the last ten years, we have expanded on our environmental objectives, strategically aligning them with our business development plan. As a globally respected industry leader, we have assumed a long-term vision focused on efficiency, safety and quality for our customers, society, and the planet, while making strides towards increasing accountability for all.

We have made a conscious choice to produce advanced, sustainable products that will significantly reduce our environmental footprint while reducing waste and providing an extraordinary customer experience. We understand that everyone has a different strategy and timeline for reaching their sustainability goals, which is why we offer a variety of products designed to reduce our industry’s impact on the environment.

A shift towards a full sustainable or carbon neutral
business practice begins one step at a time. Each step
holds great potential to be a sucessful long-term investment.

Upholstery manufacturing continues to have a significant impact on the environment. Taking into consideration production factors such as energy and water, elimination of restricted substances, as well as disposal methods and end of life impact, we push ourselves to create superior, sustainable product choices that balance the needs of our customers, with our design and innovation goals

By creating responsible products that represent new definitions of performance and luxury, we are pioneering a multi-generational approach, utilizing our platform to support environmental issues.

We strive to honor the relationiship between materials, end-products, and individuals, while creating a sustainable product and community.

Designing a Future with Less Waste

Perrone products are designed to last, but our commitment to sustainability does not end once the product leaves the building.

Our products are engineered with the entire product life cycle in mind: raw material procurement, to processing and manufacturing, packaging, distribution, use, maintenance, and disposal, recycling or upcycling.

The All Leather Maintenance Panel Replacement Program complements other efforts to extend the life of leather and synthetic covers past their original life expectancy.

By claiming responsiblity for the life cycle of our product, we are working towards closing the manufacturing loop.


Our suppliers and partners are considered part of our team. We are proud to partner with socially and environmentally responsible businesses. We continue to regularly audit our suppliers to ensure that environmenatl regulations and protocals are adhered to.

Partnership Expectations and Standards

  • Follow humane and ethical labor standards
  • Choose responsible methods of transportation for shipping goods
  • Ensure traceability and animal welfare
  • Prioritize responsible water and energy consumption
  • Continually improve on waste reduction strategies
  • Adhere to strict policies on restricted and harmful substance usage and avoidance


  • To continue to pursue best practices to mitigate our environmental impact and carbon footprint
  • To reduce our production waste to landfill and reduce energy consumption
  • To ensure that all materials used throughout our production process are responsibly sourced
  • To continually innovate and increase our efficiency in a way that benefits the industry as a whole
  • To increase awareness of environmental protection, conservation, and clean production
  • To recognize solutions to energy and efficiency issues and incorporate them into daily practice
  • To continue to use our resources efficiently
  • To embrace new methods of manufacturing and operation that are more eco-friendly

Perrone products meet or exceed all requirements for certification, including EN-45545 HL/2, HL/3, BS 6853, DIN-5570, NFPA 130, and ASTM E662.

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