EnduraLite™ is the premium synthetic product from our Rail offering.

EnduraLite™ features the look and feel of genuine leather with the added advantages of being 60% lighter than traditional leather along with its industry leading durability and ease of maintenance.

EnduraLite’s aramid backing cloth was specifically chosen for its intrinsic
fire-retardant properties, removing the need for additional FR treatment.

EcoLite™ is our lighter weight solution for price sensitive applications.

Lighter than our premium synthetic offering, EcoLite boasts the same industry leading qualities for durability and performance.


Perrone Railway Synthetics are inherently graffiti resistant with the ability to remove ink after 5+ years.

The closed-cell urethane surface structure makes even the most stubborn stains nearly impenetrable and provides years of virtually maintenance free life.

EnduraLite and EcoLite lead in industry testing for wear and durability, showing no signs of appearance change or delamination over time compared to competitive products.



The fiber make-up of both EcoLIte and EnduraLite is inherently
antimicrobial, impeding the growth of harmful microorganisms.

Perrone Railway synthetics can be disinfected with isopropyl alcohol (IPA),
a common disinfectant recommended by the Centers for Disease Control, with no visible surface damage to either product.

Available in limitless colors and a variety of grains, Perrone Railway
synthetics allow for complete customization.

Perrone Railway synthetics meet or exceed all requirements for certification, including EN-45545 HL/2, HL/3, BS 6853 and DIN-5570.

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