All Leather Maintenance (ALM) is headquartered in the largest and most technically advanced leather repair station in the world. Our FAA 145, EASA approved repair station refurbishes and repairs damaged leather dress covers quickly—returning them to service looking as new, while extending their product life-cycle. Take advantage of our hide-to-cover maintenance program that guarantees the life of your dress covers.

FAA 145 Repair Station

Providing expert repair services including professional upholstery cleaning, ink and stain removal, premium refinishing, color matching, and sewing and panel replacement as well as a precision inventory management program.

Corporate/VIP Care & Cleaning

Supplying specifically formulated products for high end leather and textiles. Our best-selling Leather Cleaner with Conditioner is a formula used nationwide and internationally. With no harsh fumes, this one-step product comes in a ready-to-use or convenient wipe form.

Commercial Care & Cleaning

Offering a premier leather cleaning and maintenance system for all customers.

This cleaning line is formulated to help you realize and enjoy the full service life of flame retardant upholstery and dress covers.


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