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The world of travel has embraced Alcantara’s proven qualities as an exclusive, high-performance material. A globally recognized product in the high-end fashion, furnishing, automotive, and aviation markets, Alcantara is a lifestyle.

A unique and matchless material with endless customization possibilities, Alcantara can be used to cover any shape or surface.

Acoustically absorbant, delivering superior noise reduction characteristics


* Available in an unlimited color palette
* Laser etching, perforations, printing, embroidery, electro-welding


* Easily cleaned with Perrone’s Alcantara Cleaner and 70% IPA solution

Perrone products meet or exceed all requirements for certification, including EN-45545 HL/2, HL/3, BS 6853, DIN-5570, NFPA 130, and ASTM E662.

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