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Manufacturing leather since 1883, Perrone’s expertise spans four generations. Our Fultonville, New York headquarters and factory is specially equipped to manufacture certified leathers and advanced, lightweight synthetics to meet the needs of all global rail applications from metro and commuter to high speed rail.

Perrone genuine leathers and textiles are crafted for unsurpassed durability, comfort, and service life while saving weight and increasing revenue opportunities. Our line of synthetics have been engineered to provide customers with an exceptional experience comparable to the quality and integrity of genuine leather while providing a significant reduction in weight.

As a leader in the transportation market, continuous product development initiatives and ongoing capital investments result in market leading processes, equipment, and technologies.

Perrone products meet or exceed all requirements for certification, including EN-45545 HL/2, HL/3, BS 6853, DIN-5570, NFPA 130, and ASTM E662.


An antimicrobial, polyurethane coated fabric, featuring the look and feel of genuine leather with the added advantage of being 30-60% lighter than traditional leather.



Superior noise abatement. A strong, flexible synthetic leather intended for monument applications, Monulite™ can be used to cover any vertical surface in compliance with industry standards.


Genuine Leathers

Perrone offers two genuine leathers to meet the needs of many rail seating applications from metro to commuter and high-speed rail, exceeding the highest standards for the railway industry
performance and durability.


 Over the last ten years, we have expanded on our environmental objectives, strategically aligning them with our business development plan. As a globally respected industry leader, we have assumed a long-term vision focused on efficiency, safety and quality for our customers, society, and the planet, while making strides towards increasing accountability for all.

We have made a conscious choice to produce advanced, sustainable products that will significantly reduce our environmental footprint while reducing waste and providing an extraordinary customer experience. We understand that everyone has a different strategy and timeline for reaching their sustainability goals, which is why we offer a variety of products designed to reduce our industry’s impact on the environment.


Perrone Rail is a subsidiary of Perrone Performance Leathers & Textiles, the global leader in transportation leathers and textile products. For more information about our company, please visit our main website.